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Established nearly 40 years ago, Industrial Lease Consultants is a family owned and operated national transportation consulting firm.

We specialize in truck lease negotiations, fleet maintenance management, and material handling equipment.

From smaller leased and owned fleets to expansive leased fleets Industrial Lease Consultants has consistently saved our clients upwards of hundreds of thousands of dollars annually depending on the fleet size.

Our Services

Our core purpose is to identify areas of potential profit leaks, exposure to risk from a financial/legal perspective, and dramatically improve the rates, terms, and conditions of full service lease agreements. The services we provide go well beyond what a company is typically able to manage on their own. Ensuring that leasing companies are adhering to contractual agreements, invoicing their clients accurately, and consistently servicing their client needs are essential to a proper business relationship. With our proactive daily/weekly interaction, our clients more often consider Industrial Lease Consultants an extension of their transportation management team. Let us demonstrate to you how our service pays for itself, continuously.
Fleet Analysis
Examine critical fleet factors including application/operation, size of fleet, age of equipment, specifications, distribution footprint, and remaining economic life of equipment in an effort to identify opportunities for savings.
Contractual Analysis
Comprehensive analysis of lessors master fleet contract from three prong approach: financial, legal, and operational.
Improved Financial Control
Re-negotiation of existing contracts, new contracts, to “level the playing field” form a financial and legal perspective.
Recommendation of specification improvements, procurement of specialized trucks, trailers, & material handling equipment, inward/outward cameras, and safety equipment to maximize customer fleet utilization at the lowest cost while also receiving the highest levels of supplier services.
Comprehensive Invoice Auditing
Comprehensive auditing of lease invoices, rental invoices, fuel invoices, maintenance invoices, turn in damage estimates, licensing charges, taxes, miscellaneous -Owned fleet data & cost tracking with management exception reports to identify excessive equipment repair costs or to determine redundant repair histories.
Fleet Management
For companies that own their equipment, ILC offers an extensive fleet data collection and reporting service encompassing computerized scheduling and monthly advisories for maintenance, inspections, registration, opacity, and other parameters.

Clients & Industries

Industrial Lease Consultants works with a variety of clients across a multitude of industries.
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