About Us

Industrial Lease Consultants was founded in 1980. We started in the Northeast of the US (NY, NJ, PA) and now serve the entire country, in addition to, South America, Canada and Puerto Rico. Our clients range in size from relatively small (2-5) truck operations to Fortune 100 companies with 3000 vehicles.

Why Our Clients Choose Industrial Lease Consultants

As a business owner, or corporate officer of your company, your first priority is operating your core business. Our company, Industrial Lease Consultants, is a company built and staffed by experts in the Truck Leasing and Fleet Maintenance/Management business.

We do not lease or maintain trucks. Our function is to secure the most favorable lease(s) for our clients… providing the best possible lease rates, contract terms and conditions. Our approach is to zero in on the economic, legal and operating aspects of the lease to insure a level playing field and provide our clients with comprehensive protection.

We understand that the lessors must earn a profit; however, we work to insure that their profit is fair and equitable for both parties and that any possibility of unjust enrichment is eliminated.

We provide our services nationwide and we pride ourselves on being on the cutting edge of industry trends.

Knowledge and Experience

Over 30 years in the truck leasing industry. Our expertise and experience in all aspects of truck leasing, and fleet maintenance management, including vehicle specifications, maximizing fuel efficiency, truck/tractor and related capital equipment financing, lease language modifications/amendments, and 2011 exhaust emission platform selection…are just a few areas of our concentration. In short, we know the truck leasing industry both inside and out.

Proven Cost Reduction Track Record

We have saved our clients tens to hundreds of thousands of dollars per year in their fleet operating expense depending upon fleet size.

No Risk ― High Return

Our compensation is a function of the saving which we produce for our clients. Invariably, our contributions add quite substantially to our clients bottom line.

Our Qualifications

ILC is an established and innovative national organization where new ideas and expertise are communicated between all partners for the benefit of all our customers. Our extensive knowledge of the industry and the changing alternatives which are readily available from different suppliers allows us to constantly update our clients’ leases. This, in turn, allows our clients to focus their energy and resources on their own core products and services. Don’t just take our word for it. We’ll be happy to put you in touch with any number of our satisfied customers.

Here is Why It Works

Our financial advisors have all worked in senior level management for the major truck leasing companies. Armed with a full understanding of the structure and components of a full service lease agreement, and what it actually costs your lessor to provide these services, we analyze your current situation and develop a customized plan to achieve your transportation objectives, significantly lower distribution costs and liability containment.

In short… We work for you! Our focus is on the most efficient and effective way to meet your distribution needs.

How Are We Compensated?

Normally, our fee is a percentage of the savings we produce for your company; however, customized arrangements are available based on your specific needs. There is no charge for our initial consultation. AND If we don’t save you money, there is NO fee!

We Can Help You

You don’t have to wait until your current lease expires. Let us review your current lease agreements and determine if we can effect significant savings right now.

Let’s get started today. Call us at (732) 228-7674

We Guarantee the savings we produce
will SIGNIFICANTLY exceed our fees!