Our Service Includes:

  • Representation of our clients from a Financial, Legal, Operational, and Compliance standpoint.
  • Analysis of your existing fleet contracts and or maintenance agreements with incumbent supplier/lessor.
  • Provide recommendations to substantially improve your current truck lease contracts/maintenance arrangements.
  • Negotiate new full service leases, finance leases and contract maintenance agreements.
  • Complete invoice auditing service (lease, fuel, rentals, maintenance, and misc.)
  • Reviewing past and current invoices to obtain credits for errors and/or overpayments.
  • Procurement of specialized trucks/trailers and material handling equipment to produce additional cost savings.
  • Provide very specific recommendations to negotiate full service, finance, and trac leases for trucks, tractors, trailers, specialized off road and material handling equipment as well as the negotiation of maintenance agreements for the above equipment.
  • For those fleets that own and operate their equipment, we offer computerized truck/fleet maintenance cost tracking and periodic management exception reports to identify problem vehicles with excessive costs or redundant repair histories.
  • PM Scheduling, federal inspections, and opacity tests are also computerized with monthly advisories transmitted to our clients.

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